What is Recycling?

02 Apr 2019, 04:04pm

Do You Know? India generates 1,00,000 metric tonnes of waste PER DAY. While covering the very basic problem of waste disposal we came across that not many people are aware about the true meaning of recycling and this is what inspired us to write a blog about it. Now for understanding recycling properly we go back in time when Earth was created. It had that ability to decompose the waste it created be it rocks, dead animals, trees anything. But with the passage of time humans started creating their own things which were difficult to decompose. This situation led to the rise of Recycling where the things which were no longer useful to us were processed and used again in some or the other form. But Today with the amount of man-made products we use, it becomes very necessary to recycle it rather than just throw it in the dustbin. Throwing your waste in dustbin might be the short-term solution but it is still a mythamong people that once garbage thrown in dustbin(which is also not done!) is the final step. It is not possible to recycle a heap of garbage. Infact that heap of garbage finally adds to the landfillswhich unleash a very dangerous environment for the people living in the nearby areas. Various kind of diseases spreads around the area like lung cancer, respiratory diseases. And looking at the current situation how much landfills are we going to make to throw that garbage away which we once created? At some point there won’t be any places left to create landfills. The only way we can recycle the waste is by Segregating the waste like Newspapers, Plastics, Card-boards , Metals, etc .

“But what do we do with these waste products?”

Well the answer is pretty simple. The waste we collect is channelized through the best means available and is made available to the factories where these materials are moulded in such a way that they can be used by the factories and different items are made out of them. Take for example paper, after processing the waste paper it is used for preparing paper plates, paper boards, egg cartons, phone directories, etc. Another significant point in recycling is the energy used in creating a new product by recycling is very less compared to the product made from raw materials. For e.g. An Aluminium Can takes 95% less energy when it is made from recycled cans than from raw aluminium. At last these new products are again distributed in the market, which means that No Waste is left being strangled on the roads or in the dump-fields to spread diseases.

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